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Mud Shale Shaker|Drilling Shale Shaker

  • Vibration strength can be adjusted
  • Vibration track uniform
  • Screen options more choice
  • Vibrating Strength 7.5

Mud Decanter Centrifuge

  • Drilling Mud Centrifuge is a kind of decanter solids control is centrifuge manufacturer.Mud centrifuge has been through the API certification.TR decanter centrifuge for sale.

Sludge Dewatering Unit

  • 1.minimise waste generation (liquid waste accounts for 75%+of waste volumes)
  • 2.base fluid recycling,reuse in mud mixing
  • 3.minimum water consumption
  • 4.minimised discharge volumes
  • 5.enhanced solids control by removal colloidal solids
Reactor System For Energy Company

Reactor System For Energy Company

After month’s design, production and debugging, finally we accomplished a big set of reactor system for a marine energy company. It will be used for for crude oil treatment and recovery. Although there are many challenges firstly, our team…

High Speed Centrifuge to Russia

High Speed Centrifuge to Russia

On August 13, 2019, the commissioning of Russian customer’s centrifuge with test machine was completed, waiting for delivery. The centrifuge purchased by this customer is not used in the oil industry, but in the paper industry. They …

Standpipe Manifold and Choke Manifold Shipment

Standpipe Manifold and Choke Manifold Shipment

After 40 days of production cycle and seven days of sea transportation, the kill manifold and choke manifold ordered by our customer have arrived in Thailand. Due to the time no difference free communication, we communicated very quickly a…

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