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Mud Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum Degasser are used to remove the small entrained gas bubbles left in the mud by the mud/gas separator. These units are positioned downstream from mud/gas separators, shale shakers and mud cleaners, while hydrocyclones and centrifuges follow in the arrangement.

Operational Theory: Vacuum degasser utilize negative pressure by vacuum pump to withdraw entrained gases from the mud. In order for this to work, mud is pumped through a venturi, which develops a negative pressure in the vessel by vacuum pump, thus sucking mud into the unit. The choice between horizontally- or vertically-mounted units is typically based on the footprint requirements of the specific rig. 

TR manufactures TRZCQ series Vacuum Degasser is a special-purpose device and a new type one for the treatment of gas in the drilling fluids. It can get rid of various gas of invasive drilling quickly. Vacuum degasser is very important for returning mud gravity, stabilizing mud viscosity and reducing drilling cost. Also, at the same time vacuum degasser can be used as a heavy-power agitator and supported applicable to all types of mud circulation purification system.
Atmospheric degasser, on the other hand, are simple in design and operation. These units mechanically remove gas, but instead of solely relying on density differences between the gas and the mud, whereby the gas liberates itself automatically.
Vacuum degasser are just a few of the many solids control and waste management offerings that TR Solid Control supplies to the oil and gas industry.                                                                TRZCQ  Vacuum degassers Technical Parameters
Model ZCQ240 ZCQ270 ZCQ300 ZCQ360
Main diameter 700mm 800mm 900mm 1000mm
Capacity ≤240 m³/h ≤270 m³/h ≤300 m³/h ≤360 m³/h
Vacuum -0.030-0.045Mpa -0.030-0.050Mpa -0.030-0.045Mpa -0.030-0.045Mpa
Ratio 1.68 1.68 1.68 1.72
Efficiency ≥95% ≥95% ≥95% ≥95%
Motor power 15kW 22kW 30kW 37Kw
Vacuum Power 2.2kW 3kW 4kW 7.5kW
Rotary speed 860r/min 870r/min 876r/min 880r/min
Dimension 1750×860×1500 2000×1000×1670 2250×1330×1650 2400×1500×1850
Weight 1100kg 1350kg 1650kg 1800kg

Features and Advantages:
1.Scientific reasonable design for structure,it can get effective gas fluids separation,filter out impurities to guarantee vent pipe always clear.
2.Adopt belt drive,avoid the complication of the reducing gear,ensure the long working time without trouble.
3.Water circle type of vacuum pump is always at a constant temperature,apply to pump the flammable and explosive.
4.High degassing efficiency,up to 95%.
5.There is gas-water separator in vacuum degasser,which can avoid the gas and fluids are all removed together,and also can supply water for vacuum pump,saving water and environment-friendly.
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