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Shear Pump

Shear Pump designed to shear of polymer drilling fluid and clay, polymer drilling fluid system (or clay) sufficiently should be cut in advance, and then into the drilling fluid systems, improved drilling fluid properties, can give full play to its effectiveness, if not fully cut polymer loops may plug the vibrating screen for the first time, a significant loss of polymer, increases drilling costs,And may make the bigger solids particles too hard to cuttings ; shear pump can reduce the use of polymer at least 15%, save amount of 30% bentonite,reduce the loss of mud cake and fluid flow and reduce drilling fluid shear rate, improve the gel strength, which have reached international advanced level of similar products.
  • TR solid control shear pump adopted comprehensive mechanical seal.
  • New and chicly designed lead equipment more durable for long service life.
  • Make the bentonite hydration easier also save bentonite over 30%.
  • Strong power for polymer hydration provide high property drilling mud.
  • Decrease mud plate and fluids lose.
Shear Pump Technical Parameters
Model Flow Lift Match Motor Speed Weight
TRJQB6545 120m3/h 45m 55kW 1450r/min 980kg
TRJQB6535 100m3/h 35m 37kW 1450r/min 800kg
TRJQB5430 60m3/h 30m 30KW 1450r/min 650kg
TRJQB4330 40m3/h 30m 18.5KW 1450r/min 450kg

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