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2018-05-03 11:38

Vertical Cutting Dryer Used in Drilling Waste Management

Mud vertical cutting dryers are kinds of oil sludge dryers for treating oilfield mud, and also called vertical centrifuges from structure. They are equipped with advanced design, good handling effect and long service time. Vertical cutting dryers belong to a type of environmental protection equipment in oilfield slurry industry.

Nowadays vertical cutting dryer is widely used in drilling waste management field. It’s used to do further separation for cuttings to recover valuable drilling fluids, dry solids discharge, clean return fluid and reduce mud loss. Cuttings discharged by shale shaker, desander, desilters (or mud cleaner) can be fed into the dryer’s hopper and spaced widely to the inner screens, achieving the drying and separating efficiency. 

Technical Data of TRCD Series Vertical Cutting Dryer
Capacity(T/h) 30-50T/h
Basket Max.Diameter 930mm
Basket Gap 0.25-0.5mm
Rotary Speed 900 r/min 0-900 r/min
Air knife Air Inlet Pressure 0.69Mpa
Air Tool Air Supply 1.8m3/min
Fuel Tank Volume 60L
Motor Power(Kw) 55Kw
Oil Pump Power(Kw) 0.55Kw
Weight 5900kg 6000kg
Size 2750*2130*1800mm

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