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2018-01-05 12:00

Steel Frame Shaker Screen

Main features of steel frame screens as follows:
1. Screen panels are constructed with two or three 304 or 316 stainless steel wire cloth layers with steel backing plate and steel frame combined together, which can get an better filtering effect.
2. Screen bottom adopts high strength steel frame, supporting bar with the moderate tension screen cloth. They are combined together to infinitely enhance screen intensity and endurance, and get an better filtering effective. 
3. Mesh sizes range from API20 to API400. The whole cloth is divided into independent small surfaces, it prevents part excessive expansion damaged with a special rubber plug together to repair damage. Which can save time to replace the screen, increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Parameter of Steel Frame Screen:
Model Model for Shaker Mesh Range Dimension
TRF-1 BRANDT BL-50 40-325 1253×635mm 13.5kg
TRF-2 BRANDT VSM300 40-325 913×650mm 12.6kg
TRF-3 SWACO MONGOOSE 40-325 1165×585mm 14kg
TRF-4 KENTRON 48 SERIES 40-325 1120×720mm 17.5kg
TRF-5 SF300 40-325 712×1180mm 15kg
TRF-6 TRZS703 40-325 1250×700mm 13kg
TRF-7 TRZS852 40-325 1250×850mm 16kg
TRF-8 TRZS752 40-325 900×750mm 10kg

TR Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of shale shaker screen and solid control equipment. The shaker screens made by us can completely replace with international brand. If you need any type screen, we would provide you with high quality alternative screen. We can also customize the screen for your requirements. Inquiry to us at any time!