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2017-09-18 15:38

PMD FLC500 Series Shaker Screen

Shaker screens are mainly divided into frame screen(wave screen and flat screen), hook strip screen(wave screen and flat screen) and hook strip soft screen. TR Solids Control not only manufacture our own screens, but also can customize according to client’s requirements. We also manufacture replacement screens for international brands such as Derrick, MI-Swaco, NOV Brandt etc. Our screens are alternative from API 20 to API 400. TR screens are with long service life, good separation effect, and up to API standard.

PMD FLC500 series shaker screen is a kind of wave screen, which are matched with Derrick original FLC500 series shale shaker. We could manufacture this kind of replacement screens with better price and good service life. The dimension of our replacement PMD FLC500 series screen is 1050*695mm, screen material is S.S316 or S.S304, frame material is carbon material, weight is 6.5kg per piece.

Our replacement PMD FLC500 series screens have double layers among API 80 to API 120, and have three layers among API 140 to API200. Filtering area of our shaker screen is uniform. Material of our screen baseplate has high intensity. Diameter of our screens comply with International Standard. In addition, we use powder adhesive to glue screens after high temperature melting, which makes them have longer service life. At present this technology is the most advanced.

TR Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of shale shaker screen and solid control equipment. The shaker screen made by us can completely replace with brand Derrick, Kemtron, Swaco and Brandt etc. If you need any type screen, we would provide you with high quality alternative screen. We can also customize the screen for your requirements. Inquiry to us at any time!