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2017-09-01 14:45

What Features Does TRJQB Series Shear Pump Have?

Shear pump is one of the important equipment in the drilling fluid circulation system, mainly used to deal with chemicals and soil, and quickly attain the purpose of configuring drilling fluid. Shear pump design has a special impeller structure, which can produce a strong shear force when the liquid flows. By smashing and dispersing chemical particles, soil and other solid phase in liquid flow, so that the liquid in the solid phase broken and evenly distributed. Field treatment analysis shows that by shear pump treating drilling fluid, we can save more than 20% of the amount of soil, and can significantly improve the drilling fluid filtration performance and quality of mud cake. TR Solids Control is a professional manufacturer engaged in shear pump with rich experience.

What features does TRJQB series shear pump have?
1. Pump body adopts wear-resistant alloy cast iron, longer service life;
2. Bearings use internationally renowned brands SKF, quality assured;
3. Mechanical seal-based, packing seal supplemented as seals combination. Material of mechanical seal is carbide alloy, its life is 5 times than normal;
4. Pump shell wall is thick, made by casting mold. Wear-resistant, fine appearance;
5. Oil seal adopts imported fluorine plastic seal, with good cooling capacity;
6. Using special impeller and shear board, shear efficiency> 95%. Impeller material selects high chromium alloy, shear plate is made of stainless steel, with wear resistance and good corrosion resistance.
7. All spare parts can be fully compatible with the internationally renowned brand Mission pump.

TR Solids Control is well-known in manufacturing top-quality shear pump in China. In addition, we are professional in mud shale shaker, mud cleaner, desilter, desander, shaker screens, centrifuge, mud agitator, screw pump, centrifugal pump etc. TR people will provide the best solution to your drilling business!