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2017-08-18 16:58

Desander is Second Class Equipment in Solid Control System

Drilling fluid desander is a kind of hydrocyclone desander composed of hydrocyclone and shale shaker. It is the second class solid control equipment to treat drilling fluids, mainly used for separating solid particles with size 47 ~ 76μm.

Our TRCS series desander overcomes shortcomings of the original sand removal process. The hydrocyclone of desander is provided with a rotating component, and its cylindrical wall is with a separation window. The upper cylinder wall of the rotating member, a set of tapered grooves and liquid inlet pipe constitute drilling fluid lifting component. Impeller of desander is set at the interior of the component, and sand regulator controls the amount of sand. The drilling fluid enters the rotating component from the inlet pipe, after centrifugal rotation of the blade, the liquid rises to the separation window when the sand is separated from the drilling fluid, the sand is discharged into the sanding cone through the separation window. The separated drilling fluid enters the lifting component, and drilling fluid is discharged into the drilling tank by the drain of the conical groove. The sand in the cone is discharged from the sand outlet controlled by the sand regulator device and the separation is completed.

Technical data of TRCS series desander:
Model TRCS200-1S/2S TRCS250-1S/2S TRCS250-3S TRCS300-1S/2S
Capacity 60m3/120m3/h 100m3/200m3/h 300m3/h 120m3/240m3/h
Cyclone Specs 8” 10” 10” 12”
Cyclone Qty 1nos/2nos 1nos/2nos 3nos 1nos/2nos
Working Pressure 0.25-0.4Mpa
Inlet Size DN125mm DN150mm DN150mm DN150mm
Outlet Size DN150mm DN200mm DN200mm DN200mm
Separation Point 45μm -75μm
Bottom Shaker TRTS60 TRTS60 TRZS752 TRZS752
Dimension 1510*1160*2000mm 1510*1360*2250mm 1835*1230*1810mm 1835*1230*1810mm
Weight 570kg/620kg 670kg/760kg 1300kg 1380kg
Remark All desilter could be customized without bottom shaker.

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