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2017-07-28 13:52

Presentation of YZ Series Submersible Slurry Pump

TR Solids Control is a main manufacturer of submersible slurry pump in China. Our YZ series pump supply mud for shale shaker and centrifuge from the mud pit. Its structure is single sucking cantilever type, it uses bearing seat, supporting seat and pipe to connect the hydraulic parts of pump, and liquid is discharged from the hydraulic hose assembly. Pump’s impeller is semi-open type, and it’s equipped with mixing bladed in the stretch part of impeller inlet. The main features of submersible slurry pump are have enough rigidity in submerged parts of the shaft, and don’t set bearing and shaft seals between the impeller and pump, and could convey the medium containing solid particles with larger density. The standard length of pump inserting liquid is 1.3 meter, and can be equipped with a suction tube if required. We operate shaft seals by inserting the pump into liquid. The transmission works by vertical motor mounted on the bearing base, connected by coupling and the pump.

Technical parameters of YZ series submersible slurry pump:
Model Flow Lift Speed Motor
50YZ25-12 25m3/h 12m 1430r/min 3kw
50YZ20-18 20m3/h 18m 1430r/min 4kw
80YZ50-20B 40m3/h 16m 1440r/min 5.5kw
80YZ50-20 60m3/h 17.5m 1440r/min 7.5kw
80YZ80-20 90m3/h 22m 1460r/min 11kw
100YZ100-30A 75m3/h 30m 1470r/min 18.5kw
100YZ100-30 60m3/h 36m 1470r/min 22kw
100YZ160-38B 82m3/h 33m 1480r/min 30kw
100YZ120-60 120m3/h 40m 1480r/min 45kw
150YZ250-40A 135m3/h 35m 1480r/min 55kw
150YZ250-40B 120m3/h 28m 1480r/min 37kw

TR Solids Control is a R & D, manufacturing, sales, technical services company in advanced solid control equipment. Besides submersible slurry pump, we also supply top-quality decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser, shear pump, centrifugal pump, mud cleaner, shale shaker, jet mud mixer, vertical cutting dryer and oil & natural gas slurry purification system, HDD trenchless mud recycling system, piling and shield mud system, river dredging purification system etc.