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2017-07-21 17:38

Working Principle of Mud Mixing Hopper

Mud mixing hopper is an important spare part in drilling fluid solids control system, and it’s the most common liquid distribution device. The main purpose of mud hopper is to quickly and uniformly mix the drilling fluid with its additives. In the event of a blowout emergency, by using the hopper large amount of heavier material can be mixed evenly in the shortest possible time. It mainly consists of inlet adjustable connector, tee, nozzles, mixing chambers, venturi pipes, feed hoppers and butterfly valves.

Working principle of mud mixing hopper:
The fluid flows into the nozzle with high speed from the inlet adjustable connector, and it quickly jets into tee. At the same time, accretion materials enter tee from the hopper. They mix well, then flow into drill fluid system from venturi pipe. When using mud hopper, the accretions(barite, bentonite, chemistry accretion of mud etc.) of drill fluid is amalgamated homogeneously before it flows into drilling fluid system. It improves fluids properties, exploits the accretions thoroughly, reduces accretions needed, and brings down the mud cost price.

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