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2017-06-16 17:23

Screw Pump is Ideal Feeding Device to Decanter Centrifuge

Screw pump is an ideal pump for feeding drilling fluids to decanter centrifuge. Different from other sewage pump or trash pump, it could transfer mud to centrifuge without shearing and stirring drilling fluids. Besides that, it is used to transport drilling waste management and cuttings of wet mud.

The main parts of screw pump are screw shaft and screw shaft bushing. Because of special geometry shape of the two parts, the pump forms pressurize capacity separately, and the waste fluids flow along with the shaft. Slow inner flow speed, remaining capacity and steady pressure make it won’t generate vortex and agitating. Usually shaft of the screw pump is made from stainless steel. TR screw pump is available for complete stainless steel body.

Specification of TRG series screw pump:
Model Flow Rate Pressure Power Inlet
Ex Standard Weight
TRG10A-040 10m³/h 0.3Mpa 4kw 3 3 ExdIIBt4/IECEX/A-TEX 245 2245×320×550mm
TRG20A-055 20m³/h 5.5kw 3 3 323 2450×340×562mm
TRG30A-075 30m³/h 7.5kw 4 4 386 2761×370×600mm
TRG40A-110 40m³/h 11kw 5 5 454 3270×370×665mm
TRG50A-110 50m³/h 11kw 5 5 608 3790×400×782mm
TRG60A-150 60m³/h 15kw 5 5 649 3322×550×740mm
TRG70A-220 70m³/h 22kw 6 6 875 3740×420×785mm
TRG80A-220 80m³/h 22kw 6 6 875 3740×420×785mm
TRG90A-220 90m³/h 22kw 6 6 875 3740×420×785mm

Choosing TR Solids Control is your best choice.TR can provide you one-stop service with high quality screw pump. We also manufacture series of mud treatment equipment such as shale shaker,desander,desilter, jet mud mixer, mud agitator etc. for oilfield, HDD & trenchless system, tunnel boring system.