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2017-06-02 16:26

Function of Jet Mud Mixer in Solid Control System

Jet Mud Mixer is this kind of equipment for adding and mixing drilling fluid. As an necessary equipment in solid control system, its main function is to change the density, viscosity and dehydration of drilling fluid. Its effect is obvious to use it along with shear pump. Jet mud mixer is needed on the condition that making bentonite, chemical products and barite with clear water into drilling fluids which has specific property, or adding some additive in existing drilling fluid to change its property.

TR jet mud mixer is made up of one set(or multi-set) centrifugal pump and one set(or multi-set) jet mixing hopper installed in a base with pipe valves. Its hopper and centrifugal pump either can be combined to use or be installed separately.

TRSLH series jet mud mixer is matched with other drilling solid control system. It’s safe and reliable, and easy to move. It can enhance dispersion effect of material, improve pressure head of mixed liquid, make the material recycle and mix enough in the mud tank.

You best jet mud mixer starts from TR Solids Control. We are first class manufacturer of jet mud mixer in China. Besides, our centrifugal pump, shear pump, hopper, mud agitator, shale shaker, shaker screen are popular among clients.