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Mud Gun

Drilling fluids mud gun is a kind of solids control equipment to prevent mud precipitation except for the mud agitator.Mud gun is available to standard mud tank and mud pump. It is with a nozzle or multi-nozzles on the top of transfer pipe. TR's mud guns are light weight, small footprint and easy transportation. Especially, the nozzle can rotate 360° which can affuse muds into mud tank regularly. Other features include a 360° rotating swivel, and the ability to be customised to any length.
  • NJQ series Mud Gun will give great performance with following features
  1. Optional high pressure and common pressure.
  2. Swiveling type and fixed type. Rotation degree up to 360°mix mud complete without blind area.
  3. Simple design and compact.
  4. Adapts better according to certain working condition.
  5. 1 or 3 nozzles for option.
  6. Easy to operate and maintain. Low cost.
TRNJQ series drilling fluid mud gun is my company independent design and production, make the solid control system perfect combination, the work coordination so that the whole solid control system into a unified whole.
Mud Gun Technical Parameters
Name Mud Gun
Model TRNJQ50-3 TRNJQ50-1 TRNJQ80-3 TRNJQ80-1
Diameter 2"(φ50) 2"(φ50) 3"(φ8 3"(φ8
Valve ID﹠Pressure 50mm/3.2MPa 50mm/3.2MPa 80mm/3.2MPa 80mm/3.2MPa
Interface Size 2" 2" 3" 3"
Work Pressure ≤3.2MPa ≤3.2MPa ≤3.2MPa ≤3.2MPa
Nozzle Number 3 1 3 1
Rotation Angle 120° 360° 120° 360°
Remarks With manual rotation or No
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