desander hydrocyclone

    TR hydrocyclones are simple mechanical devices, without moving parts, designed to speed up the settling process of solids. Drilling fluid containing solids is fed tangentially into the body of the hydrocyclone, where centrifugal force induced by the flow causes heavier solids to separate from lighter solids. The heaviest solids are discharged out the bottom (underflow) of the hydrocyclone and the lightest solids exit the top (overflow). The separation of solids is dependent upon feed particle size, fluid viscosity, fluid feed pressure (as a function of fluid density) and hydrocyclone size. TR offer you 4 models of hydrocyclones: desanders (12-inch and 10-inch cones) and desilters (8-inch and 4-inch cones). As for  each application, will determine the cone configuration and the pump and motor requirements necessary to maximize liguid/solids separation.
Some features of TR hydrocyclone:
   1.Lightweight, durable, polymeric material construction, Provides high temperature tolerance, chemical and erosion resistance and low-cost replacement
   2.Skid-mounted installation with lifting eye welded to frame, Facilitates safe and easy handling
   3.Customized cone configuration specific to customer needs, Ensures that customers receive the proper configuration for their applicatio
desilter hydrocyclone desilter hydrocyclone
desilter hydrocyclone desilter hydrocyclone

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