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Flare lgnition Device

TR Solids Control Flare Ignition Device of blown down fuel gas designed and manufactured by our company is a kind of handling arrangement used in blown down natural gas, the tail gas from collecting and distributing station of natural gas and from refinery. And being a kind of security and environmental protection equipment, the flare ignition device can be used to have the blown down harmful gas ignited and burned to prevent the environment and security from being endangered. The flare ignition device, apart from being used in the refinery and gas distribution station, may be matched with mud gas separator.

And now, as a matured product it has been extensively used in petroleum drilling engineering. TR solid control of flare ignition devices can be put in the moment of spray, timely, accurate location spray pipe from the set off export toxic flammable gas, eliminate gas pollution to the environment and human and animal damage.

It optimises HSE performance and available in common power supply configurations to meet all applicable global electrical standards.

Flare Ignition Device Technical Parameters

Model GPD-Y-15/2.5 YPD-20/3
Nameplate diameter of torch DN150mm DN200mm
Burner height 2.5m 3m
Ignition voltage of electric
igniter GDH-2
17KV 16KV
Ignition frequency of electric
igniter GDH2
100~1000 100~1000

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