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    As a kind of universal supporting drilling equipment, elevated oil tank system of CYG-150 type is an ideal oil supply and storage equipment to provide diesel fuel for the diesel generator set of driller and the oil boiler.

    This system was constituted according to the standard on Q/HFD 005-2005 ¡°Oil Tank And Water Tank In Drilling Operation¡±. Its temperature limit is -20¡æ to +50¡æ. It can be hoisted and drawn which is fit for transportation by car, by train and by sea as well as the long distance transportation and frequent removing.
    This product meets the requirement of HSE. Its electrical equipment can supply power with voltage of 380V and frequency of 50Hz. It is controlled by fireproof circuit with a d¢òBT4  fireproof degree. Air breathing apparatuses are all the fireproof breathing valves, thus, there is no blast, leakage, painting corrosion, damping, overheat, and sand.
Painting operation should be in line with SY/5308 ¡°Universal Technical Condition For Paintings Used In Oil Drilling Equipment¡±
    This system is mainly composed of one 60m3 one 60m3+horizontal cylindrical preparation tank and one 2# 40m3+ 5m3 elevated oil tank and one3# 40m3+ 5m3 elevated oil tank. The elevated oil tank is connected with store tank by hinges. When using it, we put it upright and keep the liquid level as high as 4m. When transporting it, we lay it down by hinges and fix it on the bottom of the 1# tank. All the tanks are connected with oil pumps, pipelines and stainless steel glove valve to use the diesel fuel efficiently. The diesel fuel tank has steam heat pipe inside to ensure the normal oil supply under a cold condition.
    The base of  diesel fuel tank is designed into boat shape, setting quadratic wall of countercheck leak oil .which can be hoisted and drawn in transportation. The platforms made of checkered plate and the removable steel guardrails are installed on the top of the tank. When transporting them, the guardrails can be laid on the platform. There is also a manhole on the top and a hand hole where the fireproof breathing apparatus is installed for oil supply and observation. A ladder is installed inside the tanker for us to clean the waste. On one side lays the pump group, and on the other side lays the ladder for us to get up and down. A stainless steel floater liquidometer is installed on the tank top for us to observe the storage condition. And there is a discharge outlet at the bottom to keep cleanness.
    The structure of 1# diesel fuel tank is almost the same as that of 1#diesel fuel tank. and  1#diesel fuel tank.
    The manhole, aspiration cap, round guardrails, liquid scale, spin supporting hinge and supporting post are installed on the top of the tank. There is a turnover ladder between elevated tank and store tank. When supporting the elevated tank, we turnover the ladder and lay it on the elevated tank and then fix it. When removing the equipment, we turnover it and lay it on the base of  store tank. The discharge outlet at the bottom discharges waste.
    The elevated tank is equipped with automatic liquid controller with a function of automatic and hand-operated control.
The elevated tank has three oil holes for oil to get in, out and to run, and two heat holes of the steam heat pipeline for steam to get in and out. The flow pipe can protect the fuel when the control setting fails to operate.
    CYG-150 elevated tank system set There are two  elevated tank, which is can for parallel connection operators and can for separateness use. each elevated tank There are two oil pumps in this elevated oil tank system. One is for use and the other is on storage. And the electrical control is locked with each other, which is benefit for operators to repair and maintain the equipment and ensure the safety.

Diesel Fuel Oil TankDiesel Fuel Oil Tank    
Major technical parameters
 1. 1#  Preparation tank                Volume:   40m3

          Elevated tank                       Volume:   5 m3
          Overall size:                         12700¡Á3000¡Á3150mm

                  Total weight: 19500Kg
2. 2# Preparation tank                 Volume:   30m3
          Elevated tank                       Volume:   5 m3
          Overall size:                         12700¡Á3000¡Á3150mm
          Total weight: 19500Kg
3. 3# Preparation tank                 Volume:   60m3
          Overall size:                         12700¡Á3000¡Á3110mm
          Total weight:                        20000Kg
4£®Height of elevated tank from the bottom to the top  4m
5£®Liquid controller of elevated tank       BUQK-150-01
6£®Magnetic drive oil pump                      65CQ-25 type
      Discharge:                                280L/min 
      Delivery head:                          25m
      Motor power:                            5.5kw 
      Voltage: 380V   Frequency:   50Hz
7£®Fireproof floater liquidometer       FQJ-2.5
8£®Flow meter                       LC-E50.6/J1     2 set
9£® Cleaner                            LPC DN50        2set

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