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Mud Desander also called Desander.It is composed of hydraulic desander hydrocyclone,shale shaker and cyclone pipe. Desander uses centrifugal force to separate. Desander uses centrifugal pump to supply mud, then the mud flow into hydrocyclone along tangent of cyclone, and the mud’s structure was destroyed under the action of centrifugal force. Under the action of gravity, solid particles along the inner wall sink spirally and was discharged from the bottom of cyclone then falls on the following shale shaker, liquid was discharged from the top of the cyclone.
  • Long Life
  • Small Separation Point
  • Less Blockage
Desander cyclone uses high chromium cast iron or pure polyurethane material, customers can choose independently. We can exchange it with an international brand. 
The cyclone has long lifetime and light weight, and easy to maintain.
High separation ability and wide separation range. It can remove solid particles from 45 um to 1mm.
Cyclone underflow is pressurized umbrella “wet bottom” to quickly discharge the particles in the separation zone, reducing the blocking probability.
Desander Technical Parameters 
 Model  TRCS200-1S/2S  TRCS250-1S/2S  TRCS300-1S/2S
 Capacity  60 / 120m³/h  120 / 240m³/h  140 / 280m³/h
 Cyclone Specs  8in(DN200)  10in(DN250)  12in(DN300)
 Cyclone Qty  1nos / 2nos   1nos / 2nos  1nos / 2nos 
 Working Pressure  0.25-0.4mPa  0.25-0.4mPa  0.25-0.4mPa
 Inlet Size  DN125mm  DN150mm  DN150mm
 Outlet Size  DN150mm  DN200mm  DN200mm
 Separation  45um-75um  45um-75um  45um-75um
 Bottom shaker  TRTS60  TRTS60  TRZS752
 Dimension  1510X1160X2000  1510X1360X2250  1835X1230X1810
 Weight  570kg / 620kg  670kg / 760kg  1380kg

Design Principles: TR desander is produced by an advanced design, careful engineering, quality materials and finest workmanship which comprising 8, 10, and 12 inches cone diameter. As desanders have varying capacity based on its diameter. 

Operation Mechanism: Desander include two 12-inch(305-mm) diameter polyurethane hydroclones slant mounted over the shaker. Each desander clone includes four replaceable wear resistant polyurethane sections that are joined together with quick release stainless steel clamps. The desander is furnished with an 8-inch(203-mm) diameter feed manifold and a 10-inch (254-mm) diameter discharge manifold and a 0-60 psi (4.1-bar) pressure gauge. The desander also includes a solids discharge trough to distribute the hydroclone underflow evenly onto the screening surface.

TR is a professional manufacturer of solid control equipment in china. We will provide our clients high quality products with most reasonable price, at the same time we also sincerely offer the high level after sales service for any home or abroad clients. You are welcomed to consult or visit us any time.

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