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Mission Centrifugal Pump

Drilling Centrifugal Pump is designed for drilling fluid or industrial suspension (slurry), use of modern design theory and design, pumping abrasive and viscous (Features) and corrosive liquids.Compared with the General pump, with excellent performance, high traffic, high temperature, long service life, easy maintenance, high reliability and remarkable energy saving characteristics, Now onshore and offshore drilling is widely used around the world. We will provide customers with the best products to meet different conditions.

  • Why choose TR Drilling Centrifugal Pump:
  1. The mechanical seal is made of high anti-corrosive alloy. More durable and Longer service life
  2. Bearings are imported SKF. More assurance on quality.
  3. Bearing lubrication can be oil and grease. Make bearing more adaptable and long life.
  4. Thicker pump shell.Drilling centrifugal pump shell using alloy gray iron, longer life.
  5. Selection of alloy cast iron impeller, and greater resistance to corrosion.
  6. Mission centrifugal pump parts can interchangeable to national brands.

TR Solid Control is dedicated to continual improvement of our product line and offering innovative solutions to service our customers.

TR Series  Drilling Centrifugal Pump Technic Parameters

Model Power Flow Lift(m) Efficiency NPSH Electric
TRSB8×6-14 75KW 320m3/h 40m 65% 5 50HZ
TRSB8×6-12 355m3/h 43m 66% 4.8 60HZ
TRSB8×6-13 55KW 290m3/h 33m 64% 5.5 50HZ
TRSB6×5-12 196m3/h 48m 61% 3 60HZ
TRSB6×5-13 45KW 180m3/h 34m 60% 3 50HZ
TRSB5×4-14 149m3/h 61m 58% 4.6 60HZ
TRSB6×5-12 37KW 160m3/h 30m 60% 3 50HZ
TRSB5×4-12 112m3/h 45m 58% 4.6 60HZ
TRSB6×5-11 30KW 120m3/h 21m 62% 2.5 50HZ
TRSB5×4-12 112m3/h 37m 57% 4.6 60HZ
TRSB5×4-12 22KW 90m3/h 30m 56% 4.5 50HZ
TRSB5×4-10 105m3/h 30m 57% 4.2 60HZ
TRSB5x4-11 18.5KW 90m3/h 24m 56% 4.5 50HZ
TRSB4x3-12 55m3/h 46m 48% 4 60HZ
TRSB4x3-13 15KW 50m3/h 40m 48% 4.5 50HZ
TRSB4x3-11 54m3/h 35m 47% 4 60HZ
TRSB4x3-12 11KW 45m3/h 30m 47% 4 50HZ
TRSB3x2-12 28m3/h 45m 40% 3.1 60HZ
TRSB3x2-12 7.5KW 45m3/h 24m 46% 4 50HZ
TRSB3x2-11 25m3/h 35m 41% 3.1 60HZ
TRSB3x2-11 5.5KW 20m3/h 23m 39% 3 50HZ

Selection of mission centrifugal pump:
1)  First determine how much capacity of the centrifugal sand pump, or need the capacity which equipped with centrifugal pump.General choose mission centrifugal pump capacity should be a little lager than the matched equipment There is a valve in the 
mission centrifugal pump outlet to regulate flow required.
2)  Ensure how much lift do centrifugal pump need. Choose a big lift 
mission centrifugal pump, because the loss of pipe line is very large.
3)  if use Mission pump supply mud to the desander and
desilter then must choose the lager capacity centrifugal pump. Because the desander and desilter requires very strict and keen for the pressure. If the choice of centrifugal pump capacity is small to supply the desander and desilter, the pressure is insufficient, thus affecting the desander and desilter working effect.
Welcome customers to TR solid control company for business investigation and negotiation on centrifugal pump, we will provide the best quality of mission centrifugal pump products and service for you. If you are looking for the qualified centrifugal pump manufacturers,TR solid control is your best choice. If you want to know more about the mud agitator,drilling centrifugal pump,decanting centrifuge,jet mud mixer control equipment, welcome you to inquire.
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